Where did they go?

Okay.  I surrender.  I tried to publish on my new tablet, and now they are somewhere in cyberspace.  I am just about to give up.  I can’t get into  my Dropbox, my WordPress, or create on my new tablet.  ARGHHHHH.


Now that is over with, and I am home and kind of caught up on other things, I am starting a new routine tomorrow morning.  Something that will be beneficial to my health, and my music and my writing.  I have to do this, or I will just slide off into a blob and be a disappointment to myself.  I do not care if anyone else agrees with my steps to make my life better.  It will not do so unless I make it happen.  And I must start now.


2 thoughts on “Where did they go?

  1. If you’re talking about having lost “My Season of Discontent” it somehow published with a date in December of 2013. I got the notification that you’d just posted it, though.

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