Wealth and Life

Interesting that another very wealthy person is caught behaving, or at least talking, badly.  Sadly, the cynic in me says, “Maybe this is contrived to create drama either by the man or his mistress.”  But that and the racial angle have been beaten to death.

So what do I see….two well educated, accomplished and beautiful women caught in the trap.  The man is a poor, misunderstood soul…well if you listen to him.  Likely how he gets all his mistresses.  Again, this is not the news.  This has been the ploy since man decided to try to emulate eagles and other animals that mate for life.  The sad part of humanity is that it is the female of the species that aspires to this most of the time.  Only when the relationship is not based on ulterior motives can the male buy into this. 

And the big story is not about two women vying for a man who is not worthy of himself or them.  That is also an old and over done story.

What I see is the trap.  One we walk into by wanting too much and then more.  One that tells humans that their bank account and all the toys they can acquire define their worth.  The trap that tells someone that they are so valuable that they can defy the rules of society.  They have a right to see themselves as better, bigger and entitled.

The truth of entitlement.  It is not the poor person who worked for thirty plus years, then due to illness or injury, is forced to take disability.  Entitlement is, by definition, the idea that you are giving someone the right to do or receive something.  Period.  It is a  abused word.  One is not entitled, for instance, to receive Social Security.  This is a right to anyone who has paid into the system.  How much one receives should, in a just society, depend on what they paid in.  With the idea of entitlement, comes the idea that one due to their place in society, are able to take more than their fair share.  Royalty in the Middle Ages had the right to take a bride on her wedding night before her husband had sex with her.  THIS is entitlement.  And this is why the wealthy think, even in “enlightened” 2014, they can be racists, have mistresses, sire children and not have to help in any way to raise them.  Why they should be allowed to pay less tax than the poor working class person who may have a modest family of a wife, 2 children, and they can not afford the family dog. 

It is interesting to me, that statistically, the poor give more to charity than the wealthy.  That the person driving a fifteen year old car is more considerate in traffic than the person driving the newest BMW, or similar, auto.  Yet, who is “entitled” to the less expensive insurance rates? 

So who do we, or should we, give the right to do or receive the benefits in our society?  Should we not instead of judge this on their “bottom line” judge it on their moral line?  On their ability to by human to another?  We need to call our politicians on their misuse of the word entitlement.  If someone has paid into something, then they are entitled to the benefits of that product.  Especially when they are not allowed to chose to pay into something. 

Maybe, just maybe, then women would find their value from what they contribute to the world rather than from having made a sexual alliance with a wealthy man.  Maybe then all humans would behave better.  Ahh…..I am allowed to dream.


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