After all this time, after all the events, after all the centuries, years, days, and still….it happens.  So sad.


The events in Overland Kansas were most likely well planned to a point.  The people killed were going about their day, when an undereducated man took their lives.  I still have to believe that if he had been better educated that his prejudice would have been less.  Pre judging is almost always done out of ignorance.  Out of superstition.  Out of fear that is misplaced.  And it is almost always acted out against innocent persons.  Like yesterday.  Want to bet he assumed (another pet peeve word for me) that he was killing only Jewish people?  Assume that anyone who goes to a JCC is Jewish, is like assuming anyone who goes to DES is poor (right?).


This was bad enough for one day.  Until I went to the local grocery store, and several young people – somewhere between 15 and 25 – were talking in line in front of me.  The conversation, which I just listened to due to not wanting to get into a fight, went like this.


“Dude, can you believe it?”




“An old man shoot up those people today.”




“Yeah, and he is a big shot.  Some new group called the KKK.”


“What does that stand for?”


“I guess it stands for Keep Killing Kids.”


“Wow dude.  Really.”


They left at this point and I just was in shock.  Is any history being taught to students in school.  The only good thing I can say is that maybe if they think that is what it means, they will stay away.  The scarey thing is that they are ripe, due to ignorance, to join a group like this and believe everything they are told, just because someone says something with a little authority, Says it based on a small incident with someone who is different than they are, and now start a group “against” that broadens the grievance to an entire population.  


That a KKK member, especially a past head of a group, would do something like this is not a big surprise.  It is disgusting, but not a surprise.  However, as much as we in the US believe that Germany has an obligation to teach about the Hitler era, we have the same obligation to teach about the era that breed the KKK.  And the things they really stand for.


As I checked out behind these kids, the lady at the register who was Black, looked at me and was shaking her head.  She is a regular, and we converse.  “Can you believe that?” she asked me.


“Unfortunately, yes, I can.  But I shouldn’t.”


No, absolutely.  We shouldn’t.  Not with all the afters in history.


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