Cold Air

This morning as I let my dogs out, I noticed the cold air. It invited me to move out of my warm house. But when the tiles become too cold for my feet, I had to go back in, even though I was enjoying the cold. Even the dogs lingered in the early morning dark cool air. Nice as the warm home is, we were not in a mood to enjoy the lethargy that warmth brings, but wanted to explore and move in the motion that cold entices.

And in this time in the cool of my backyard, I was expecting solitude, but noise from a construction site about five miles away intruded. Normally, this sound is not heard at my home, but the cold air carried it clean and clear to my home. It reminded me of times as a child in Florida, when the cool fog would carry the sound of the ocean into my bedroom early in the morning before others were stirring and before the sun melted the magic of the fog.  I would lay in my bed and enjoy the sound of the waves on the beach, even though they were very soft and faint.  I would lay very still, so that the rustle of my sheets would not interfere with the sound.

And I got to thinking of how things carry.  Words we say that carry forth and the end result is often different from what we anticipated or expected.  Sometimes, even has a burn back on our own lives.  But we say these words in the place of coolness, action without thought of consequence, and the cold air that carries them away for them to ignite into a fire in our life and those who these words effect.  Fire igniting from cold.  No where else except in our speech does this occur.  We can need a fire if we are cold, but ice cube make a poor conduit for this.

Odd that we label things as hot in communications. Hot gossip. Hot debates. Hot discussions. Maybe this is appropriate if the items are destructive. They burn up our lives and the lives of those around us, or the people involved. So maybe we should think of the cold that will carry the words we are about to speak when we are about to gossip, that we are burning up the world by sending out these words in the coolness of our actions. The cold breeze after a fire carries ash away, and ash is the end result of gossip. We can not build anything out of ash, and while it eventually is used by plants, how long before this ash is again something we recognize and can use  even to enjoy a flower in our lives.  How much cleaner our lives can be if we speak in the coolness of remembering that the clear cool air carries our speech to a wider audience.



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