The Black Hole of Escapists and Conspiracy

Why is it that whenever some criminal type wants to kidnap a child, even if they “are in love”, or they want to blow up things, they choose to live in the woods of Idaho?  Like this beautiful state is a black hole where they can hide and never be found?  It makes me wonder if maybe there is something in the water they think will cover them up.  Or is there a rabbit hole that will allow them to disappear and live their fantasy.  I know that the state has law enforcement.  I have a cousin, who had a sex change operation, and he now she, lives there.  The tax payers of this state pay for his now her board and keep while he now she fights the legal system to be incarcerated in a female prison.  A girl is kidnapped in California, and they are found by hikers, randomly, in a park in Idaho.  Another girl is taken from her bed in the middle of the night from, again, California, and found living as his second wife in the woods in Idaho.  Now a man of 37 and a 15 year old girl run away together because they love each other, and where do they say they are headed from the Midwest?  Idaho.  Where did the Unabomber live off the grid for years?  Idaho.  Maybe we should just move Quantico to Idaho.  The FBI would have to travel less distance to find the really odd and dangerous people.  Oh wait, is that why the are in Washington D.C.?    At least instead of a field office in Idaho, maybe a satellite station.   The really odd thing is, and get this, even though they run and hide there, they are found!  What a novel concept!  There are enough people there that tips are given, and those woods aren’t as dark and deep as the criminals think.

Along this line of thought, there is a high concentration of neo Nazi’s, Survivalists, possibly Flat Earth Society and other groups that seem to love the woods, and winters, in Idaho.  Personally, just the winters would keep me out of those woods.  Cold, wet, and I shoveled enough snow growing up in Iowa to last a life time.  There was a time I wanted to go see Idaho.  But lately, with the assortment of odd people types that gravitate there, I wonder.  Would they flog me or burn me at the stake?  I don’t wear camo, but I do wear blue jeans.  Would I be safe just wearing my jeans and not a bright orange vest?

While some of this is tongue and cheek, and I do know wonderful people who live in and hail from Idaho, it is very sad that this seems to have become the last vestige of the hideout place from the days of the Old West.  One day I will visit Idaho.  Not my cousin, but I do want to see the state.  Not that I have anything against my cousin, but I don’t like to visit prisons.  I’ll one day share about the reason, just not today.  But instead of camping that I do love to do, I think I will opt for a hotel – just in case.


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