Not a day to repeat

So, I get to a point where I have to send a chapter of a book to someone to read and…it is gone from my world.  Not only my cloud that never lose it, but my computer, and of course, since these were so ever so safe, I had no other good back up.  But it got better… 40 years of poems are also gone.  And 4 other novels.   So now I am tearing my hair out, too upset to even cry or scream.  Thankfully, my friend Katie was able to get 99 % of it back.  Lost recent editions.  The funniest part is I “deleted” this when I was not only not on line, but driving a car up a mountain and out of range to do anything on my cell phone.  How do you delete 409 f…… files and have no connection to the internet.


Only thought this was the worst.  My grandson, who I love dearly, went psycho on me.  He told lies, and called them into other people, when there was no way anyone with just a minimal amount of intelligence would believe him.  Show down at Grammy’s House rivaled the Okay Corral.  But he came around, kind of, and so we will see how long this lasts.   Tired, frustrated, relieved, annoyed, over joyed.  Too much feeling for one night.  Off to bed.  I think I will have a good Tanqueray and Tonic before I turn in.  Sleep well all you in cyber world, and do not trust clouds.  As mystical as they are in real life, so they are in cyber life.



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