Concert went very well, and am glad to have been a part of it.


Now dealing with life.  My phone number is one digit different from a local hardware store, and the same number that was an apartment/motel/ whatever it is (?) place pre-2006.  So today, I called directory assistance, only to find that there is no listing for this place – none!  Doing a web search, I spent 2 hours leaving messages that they have the wrong number.  Got tired after the 37th wrong website.    Resorted to a new voice message telling people, since leaving just my first name did not seem to clue them in that they were not calling a business, telling them who I am NOT.  Wonder how many will really listen and not use all my voice messages up on these places.  

Outside of that, for the record, I am in no way connected to Ace Hardware or the Navajo Lodge Apartment, Hotel, Cathouse, Whatever you people are.


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