Concert day

First concert tonight for the new season, and it is a bear.  Not easy, lots of work to get ready, and while I will do well, I am not enamored of the compositions.  But I am not paid to love the music, only to render it with the best skill I can.  Not giving works I like more care or attention.  In fact, it is usually the works I dislike the most I have to pay more attention to as I do not retain the practice as well.  So a trick, which I do better now than I did years ago, is to like everything until I am done, and then say, “Yuck.”

And this week proves to be giving me challenges.  I may have to miss teaching a class to do jury duty. My civic responsibility.  I hope the event is postponed a few weeks.  It is on Halloween, and I want to be able to see and enjoy my grandsons on that evening.  Not nurse a headache or feeling residual stress from a day of sitting and possibly making a decision on the freedom of another human being.

Outside of that, the week can be pretty pleasant.


For now, enough procrastination – practice for tonight, even if I do not want to.  And then lessons to students before I go to the concert.


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