Wow, I am actually writing a blog.  Me.  The computer phoebe.  Why would a person start such a venture?  Well, mainly because I am not too old to try something new.  I am wanting to move in new directions in my life.  And I feel that sometimes I get so wrapped up in the minutia of life, that I do not take time to do things that are most important.  Taking time to introspect, appreciate, tell of the good things I do and hope to do.  I so focus on the bad, the negative.  So in this blog, I will be talking about only the hope, and moving in the present and the future, and finding ways to find at least humor in the dark.  Light. Spark.  Vessels of humanity we are and carry.  I can not put my music on here, as music played exists in space.  But I can put my feelings from it.  


See you all later!


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